Centos7 cacti 使用笔记

1. 请参考如下网址进行基本安装与配置


You can do yum install cacti –nogpgcheck to install the packages
Then yum install snmpd

2. Add a readonly community to snmpd.conf.

Then you can use snmpget/snmpwalk to get interface statistics
Add a line below com2sec line

rocommunity 123  

3. Use snmpget/snmpwalk to try to get some info

snmpwalk -v2c -c123 localhost  

4. visit http://YOURIP/cacti to see the result

If not accesable, please google the log error

The log is under /var/log/httpd/

5. After the configuration described on the website and you can visit cacti web console, you need to do several other things

1) set the timezone to Asia/Shanghai at several places. This is because cacti default use UTC which is not the same with your system’s timezone setting

2) Edit php’s timezone



3) set system’s timezone

systemctl list-timezones,  systemctl set-timezone Asia/Shanghai  

4) set cacti’s timezone

In cmd.php, global.php, global_arrays.php etc, add following line



6. Add a device and draw some statistics on “graph” tab

1) Management | devices | Add | fill it and save it | Add associated data query ->snmp iterface statitiscts | Ad

2) Create graph for this host | select the host, select which interface you want to draw | Create

3)management | data sources | select the data source you just created | Edit data template | Change the maximum value of traffic_in/traffic_out to 1000000000

4) management | graph tree | select default tree | Add | select host, select the newly created host | create

5) You should see the graph under graph tab now.

7. Debug cact web console

1) 查看rrd文件是否取到数据

rrdtool info /usr/share/cacti/rra/<your rra file> --->查看这个rra文件的创建参数, rrdtool create的参数  rrdtool fetch /usr/share/cacti/rra/<your rra file> AVERAGE/MAX --->这个命令就是查看是否能够画出图来的,如果能够读到数,就应该能画出图  rrdtool dump /usr/share/cacti/rra/<your rra file> ---->这个命令可以查看RRA里面的原始值,但是画图并不用这个原始值,要用CF函数聚合一下再画  

2) 在web页面设置cacti的loglevel, 使能data source debugging, graph debugging

loglevel在configuration | settings | general | Poller specific logging | Poller Logging Level    data source debuging在 management | data sources | 随便点击一个data source进入datasource页面 | Turn on data source debug mode    graph debugging 在management | graph management | 随便点击一个graph进入graph页面 | Turn on graph debug mode  

3) 设置Poller的log

在centos 7上更改/etc/cron.d/cacti如下:

>dev/null 改成 > your_log_file即可

然后service crond restart

4) 查看各种Log

/var/log/cacti/cacti.log  /var/log/httpd/*.log  your_log_file set in /etc/cron.d/cacti  

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