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New media integrated marketing solutions

Accumulated ten years of marketing and promotion experience, create unique social media content of the enterprise, and form a perfect closed loop from product sales to endorsement.

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Brand Design & Marketing Strategy

Brand design and creation, IP persona and other marketing strategies, customized full-case promotion for brands

Social Media Account Building

Incubation of social accounts at home and abroad, content operation differentiated marketing solutions

Account Optimization & Data Optimization

The big data system provides account optimization for new number starting, account operation data optimization


SEO Content Optimization for Google to Social Media Accounts, SEM Optimization Services for Casting Streams

Global press release distribution

Press release distribution services at home and abroad, we have 100,000 media channels

Streaming Accounts & Optimized Hosting

Hosting for social account casting stream account, put the data to optimize ROI

Netizen Marketing & KOL

All-platform massive netroots celebrities, at any time to filter the industry categories and attributes, marketing KOL

Customer Acquisition and Interception Solutions

Multi-channel interactive forms to get natural flow, intercepted flow and other behaviors, more accurate customer acquisition

Exclusive Management Process

We have an exclusive collaborative process of new media marketing and promotion, from zero to one, for enterprises from account building, content operation, netroots promotion, KOL, KOC, paid casting streams, etc., to their own data effect at a glance.

We provide personalized optimization solutions for enterprise users, all of which can be displayed in the background in a timely manner, and the overall new media from shooting to publishing, optimization, exposure, and other data can be visualized to customers on a monthly basis.

In addition, there are 100,000 netroots celebrities resources, business users can always choose their own industry and attributes of the celebrities, invest in their own advertising materials, at any time at any time to build word of mouth enclosure.


Testimonials from customers

Lend Leverage Marketing has strong global resources that are ready to help us promote our products to reach the regions where they are developed.

 Rich experience in marketing and promotion has also helped us to be more economical in our investment and get greater exposure and conversion.


marketing specialist

Thanks to the global news media resources of Leverage Marketing, our company can reach Europe, America and Southeast Asia the fastest when we put in advertisements.

We have signed a 5-year strategic partnership and will continue to promote the application through the use of momentum marketing companies.



The cryptocurrency and NFT project promoted by Lend Leverage Marketing for our Taiwan and Singapore team is very good, through the netroots KOL, press releases, account generation and other forms, we quickly get the maximum exposure for our INNER's NFT, absorbing a lot of small partners in the community. And our cooperation has been continuing.



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